Monday, November 12, 2012

OllyDbg RaiseException Bug

In this post i will show you a bug in OllyDbg that can be used to detect its presence. The trick is so easy that all you have to do is call the "RaiseException" function with the "dwExceptionCode" parameter set to EXCEPTION_BREAKPOINT 0x80000003. The response depends on the OllyDbg version used. If it is v1.10, then the exception is going to be silently swallowed by the debugger and the registered exception handler is not called. In v2.01 (alpha 4), several message boxes pop up and the exception handler is not called either. Only v2.01 (beta 2) is immune to this bug.

The reason behind this bug is OllyDbg trying to read the x86 instruction pointed to by the "ExceptionAddress" field of the "EXCEPTION_RECORD" structure to ensure it is 0xCC or 0x03. In case of EXCEPTION_BREAKPOINT exceptions raised by explicitly calling the "RaiseException" function, the instructions at ExceptionAddress is definitely not 0xCC or 0x03.

You can find a demo here and its source code from here.

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