Saturday, January 26, 2013


In this post i will discuss an interesting functionality that i discovered while reversing Wow64.dll and specifically the "wow64!ProcessInit" function. Now let's take the function into assembly and see how it looks like.

The first thing the function does is open a registry key by calling the "ZwOpenKey" function with the "ObjectAttributes" parameter having the "ObjectName" member set to "REGISTRY\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WOW64". So our first conclusion here is that the function tries to open the registry key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Wow64" to retrieve specific information that may affect the Wow64 process throughout its lifetime. Usually, the key does not exist, at least on my machine (Windows 7 SP1 64-bit).

Next, if the key was successfully opened, the "Wow64GetWow64ImageOption" function is then called with the first parameter set to the opened key handle, the second parameter pointing at the wide string "Wow64ExecuteFlags", the third parameter set to 0x4 (REG_DWORD), the fourth parameter pointing at the variable that will receive the returned value, and the fifth parameter set to 0x4 (output size).

The "Wow64GetWow64ImageOption" function opens the IFEO registry key and queries the registry value whose name is the string pointed to by the second parameter and on error, it queries the same registry value under the registry key whose handle was given in the first parameter.

The extracted flags are then used to initialize three Wow64 global variables, Wow64!Wow64CommittedStackSize, Wow64!Wow64MaximumStackSize, and Wow64InfoPtr.

Whether the registry key was successfully opened or not and whether the "Wow64ExecuteFlags" value was successfully extracted or not, the "ProcessInit" function then directly jumps to the code you see in the image below.

As you can see it is trying to load a library called "Wow64Log.dll" residing in the "System32" directory by calling the ntdll "LdrLoadDll" function. Usually, this module does not exist.

N.B. Since this code is x64, the library Wow64Log.dll must be 64-bit.

Then comes some code that tries to resolve certain function addresses from Wow64Log.Dll by calling the "LdrGetProcedureAddress" function.

N.B. The kernel32 "GetProcAddress" function is just a wrap up of the ntdll "LdrGetProcedureAddress" function.

The code we see in the image above tries to resolve addresses of the "Wow64LogInitialize", "Wow64LogSystemService", "Wow64LogMessageArgList", and "Wow64LogTerminate"  functions from the Wow64Log.dll.  If any of the functions' addresses could not be resolved, the function fails and Wow64Log.dll is unloaded from the address space by calling the ntdll "LdrUnloadDll" function.

Assuming Wow64Log.dll was found in NtSystemRoot\\System32 and the above mentioned functions were found to be exported from it, we will have the global wow64.dll function pointers, "pfnWow64LogInitialize", "pfnWow64LogSystemService", "pfnWow64LogMessageArgList", and "pfnWow64LogTerminate" holding the address of the "Wow64LogInitialize", "Wow64LogSystemService", "Wow64LogMessageArgList", and "Wow64LogTerminate" functions respectively. The "Wow64LogInitialize" function will then be immediately called.

The "Wow64LogSystemService" function will be called every time the "Wow64!Wow64SystemServiceEx" function is called i.e. called with every system call being issued. This can be used for system call logging.

The "Wow64LogMessageArgList" function is called by the "Wow64!Wow64LogPrint" function to log certain events, more likely errors.

The "Wow64LogTerminate" function is called upon process termination by the "Wow64!whNtTerminateProcess" function.

The above mentioned topic can be used as a simple method for injecting 64-bit Dll's into Wow64 (32-Bit) processes by dropping Wow64Log.dll into system32.

Here is a simple Wow64Log.dll that i wrote as a demo.

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